Business Accounting Services

A good accountant can save your company money and help your company grow. You can save money because an accountant will show you exactly how much you are spending and where you can make cuts to bring down costs. Your company will grow because a good balance sheet shows you your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to improve profitability.

When it comes to choosing an accounting service, you need to be meticulous. Remember that an accounting company will be the organization that helps to file your taxes and balance your books. Before you give any company that kind of power over your finances, you need to take the time to find the right accountant for the job.

Your Expectations

Whether you are experienced in the responsibilities of an accountant or you have no clue what an accountant does, you should write down a list of the services you expect an accounting firm to offer.

If you have little to no experience in working with an accounting firm, then you will learn how to properly edit your list as you interview prospective accountants. If you have experience in hiring an accounting firm, then a list of expectations will be a key tool in helping you to find the right match.

Your Needs

Aside from the list of expectations you have, there are some inherent needs that come with the accountant-client relationship that you will have to consider as well.

You will need to find an accounting firm that you would feel comfortable calling every day with questions, because that very well could happen as your business grows.

You will need an accounting firm that you feel that you can trust when you have a deadline to meet and you need your accountant to come through. It is important to talk to other business professionals about the quality of service that a particular accountant offers if you truly want to develop a high level of trust in that accountant.

You will need an accountant who has the resources to handle your business needs. If you are talking to an accountant who works by himself and has dozens of clients, then you may not get the kind of attention you will require from him.

The Accountant's Experience

When you get ready to go meet with prospective accounting firms, you should have some questions prepared to ask. One of those questions should inquire as to how much experience each accounting firm has in working with a business like yours.

If you take on an accountant who does not have a basic understanding of your business, then it may be difficult for that person to do a comprehensive and reliable job. It is always better to choose an firm that has experience in your industry and knows what to expect with your financial books.

Customer Service

Just as with any other service organization that you hire, you want an accounting firm to value your business. You want to feel comfortable when you call your accountant and to be treated in a professional manner whenever you call.

It is also important that you be able to talk to someone at the accounting firm when you have a question or when an issue arises. Part of good customer service is having enough staffing to take care of customer needs. It all starts when you call the accounting firm for the first time to set up a meeting. How did the receptionist treat you on the phone? How did the accountant greet you when you first met? If you work with professionals, then you get professional results.


Communication is part of customer service, but it is worth separating for this discussion. Pay attention to what an accountant says when you are in your initial meeting. Is the accountant spending time answering your questions, or telling you what he would do with your company finances?

You want an accounting firm that is going to listen to what you have to say and get you the results you are asking for. Stay away from accountants who tell you what you need instead of asking what you want.

Choosing an accounting service for your business is an extremely important decision. It is a decision that requires significant research and personal interviews with several different accounting firms. When you come to your decision, it should be the accounting firm that you are most comfortable with and the firm that you feel has the most to offer your business.