Corporate Gift Giving

Everybody loves to receive gifts. It doesn't matter how old you are there is something special about receiving something someone picked out just for you to let you know you are appreciated.

Gift giving in the corporate world can do more than just convey your appreciation. The right corporate gift can also act as a marketing tool for your company by assuring that your business name remains at the forefront of your client's mind. Corporate gifts also can reach others in the same field as your current client and reach prospective new ones. A carefully chosen corporate gift can also project a positive image of your company.

When choosing a corporate gift bear in mind the budget and don't forget to include money for how the gift itself will be presented. Will the gift need to be delivered by a trucking company or will it be hand delivered? Also remember that if you are choosing to send corporate gifts around the holidays to allow for extra delivery time.

To take full advantage of the marketing benefits that giving corporate gifts provides you may choose to have your logo or company name imprinted on the gift. One of the most commonly purchased items used for corporate gift giving is the promotional pen. Promotional pens advertise your company effectively and they often find their way into the hands of prospective clients. Spend as much per pen as you can afford because of course because your name will literally be on the item.

There are several things to think about when choosing corporate gifts besides the recipient. You also want to decide what image you want to project as a business. For instance, perhaps you want your clients to know that you are a "green" company interested in environmental issues. There are several options for "green" corporate gifts that vary from stainless steel water bottles to items like coasters and picture frames made from recycled glass.

Another option for corporate gift giving is a food basket. Food baskets can be shared by an entire office and convey a feeling of warmth. There are cheese and cracker baskets, snack food baskets or you can have a basket custom made. Just remember your budget and the size of the office when ordering.

Corporate gifts are a useful tool that encourage lasting business relationships and repeat customers. They don't need to be expensive or flamboyant and the most appreciated ones are well thought out and planned and make the recipient feel special. If corporate gifts solicit new customers while keeping your current customers happy then that's even better.