Ethical Behaviour in the Workplace

Companies, organisations and individuals are being held increasingly accountable for their actions and are being encouraged to improve both their business practices and ethical behaviour. Corporate social accountability is expected and high standards in the work place are the responsibility of every business.

Policies that discourage any type of discrimination should be in place along with ethical business practices in how employees are treated, hired or promoted. Employees should be treated with respect and given reasonable working conditions.

Every office should have a code of ethics in place to ensure good business practice. This code of conduct will protect your business, your employees and your customers from unethical business practices. Your organisations values, company culture and integrity are fundamental to a successful operation.

Customers should also be treated fairly and with respect and honesty. A good customer relationship is of the utmost importance in order for a business to flourish.

Ethical behaviour is good for business:

Companies are also responsible to ensure that their suppliers have ethical practices in place on both a legal and moral level. Unfair and sometimes downright criminal working conditions, as in the case of child labour, are completely unacceptable and it is your responsibility to ensure your suppliers or factories are legitimately run.

Any business that is involved in unethical business practices will have its reputation ruined, be it by not paying the correct taxes, doctoring business records or manipulating market prices.

Ensure your company has a strict code of business ethics in place and set high moral standards in your office, in your business dealings and with your customers.