Office Supplies No Longer Boring

Not too long ago there were maybe 2 or 3 stores that carried all of the basic office supplies that you could ever need; tape, tape dispenser, stapler, staples, scissors, legal pads, pens and pencils. The supplies were all in their respective areas lined up like little bland soldiers ready to march off to war. There were 3 colors to choose from for your tape dispenser and stapler; black, grey or tan. Legal pads came in yellow or white. You could get a little crazier with scissors; those came in orange as well as the 3 basic colors. These supplies did their jobs just fine. They enabled you to do your job properly and efficiently and they still do. The difference between the office supplies of the past and the ones that exist today is that designers have taken into account the human element. That is, those of us who are using the office supplies might want something that showed a bit of our personality.

These days most office supply stores sell designer-inspired color-coordinated office supplies in colors like teal, fuchsia and lime green. You can match your file folders to your color scheme or mix it up with a polka dot pattern or stripes. Go color crazy and pick and choose whatever colors you like or keep it simple and monochromatic. They’re your supplies, just run it by your boss first of course or follow whatever protocol your office has in place for ordering office supplies.

If you’re an animal lover you can opt for a stapler in the shape of a dog or cat, paper clips in the shape of birds and tape dispensers shaped like chickens or frogs. You can even find cable ties in the shape of lizards or alligators to tie up all of your cables. Words of caution though, to keep your desk area from looking like a zoo, perhaps stick to one or two of the animal themed office supplies.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find office supplies that reflect your personal style. If you have a bit of a zany side you can buy inexpensive stickers that look like eyes and mouths and put them on whatever office supplies you already have to give them a little ‘life.’

You can find office supplies to fit any taste, budget and style. Bear in mind that when dealing with the public at work, the more creative the environment the wackier your office supplies can be. For instance, working in a graphic design studio allows you the freedom to be more brazen with designs and patterns of supplies than working in a funeral home would.

Office supplies don’t have to be boring to be functional. They can be colorful, chic or even wacky. It’s all up to you, and perhaps your boss, to find office supplies that showcase who you are as a person as well as an employee.