Office Romances

Dating in the workplace can be a very dangerous sport, both personally and professionally. The cliché of the boss and his secretary could now easily be translated to the boss and her secretary, or colleagues getting steamy in the office. Dating someone below or above your position in the company can be detrimental to your career. Getting romantically involved with a subordinate is usually considered inappropriate and accusations of favouritism may arise. If you’re dating your superior your colleagues could think you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Of course it’s tempting, we spend more time at the office than pretty much anywhere else, and working closely with people you are bound to feel the occasional attraction. Giving in to this attraction is where the problems start. Don’t think you can keep it a secret, people will find out and gossip spread at lightning speed.

The biggest issue can be the inevitable break up, sulks, crying or mudslinging. Your professionalism could be called into question and you need to ensure your work doesn’t suffer. Discretion at this point is extremely important.

If you really can’t help yourself, make sure the person you are dating is on the same professional level as you or works in a different department so that your relationship doesn’t interfere with your work and cause any issues in the office. Your personal life needs to be kept separate from your professional life. It is not advisable to send personal emails to the object of your desires via your work email system.

Accept that people are going to know about it, be honest and admit that you are seeing the person and then leave it at that. This should stop the office gossip in its tracks and interest should soon wane, there will soon be something else to keep the rumour mill going.