Office Furniture

When one hears the words "office furniture" the mind conjures images of bland desks, file cabinets, bookshelves and chairs. Traditional office furniture such as sturdy wooden desks and file cabinets are utilitarian but they lack personality. Everything tends to be in muted colors of black, brown or grey. Office furniture no longer has to be boring to be functional and you don't have to spend a fortune to furnish an office with efficient pieces that are also stylish.

Before shopping for office furniture decide what kind of feeling you want the office to project. Whether it’s warm and homey or high class and polished, there is office furniture that reflects that style.

A wall mounted desk that appears to float is a visually stunning option. Add shelves above and file cabinets below for storage. An adjustable wall mounted computer monitor and hanging pendant lights over the desk combine to make a workspace that is minimal in design but big in impact.

A playful way to infuse personality into an office is by adding simple desks in non-traditional colors like red, yellow or blue. Let the nature of the business dictate whether to stay more conventional and monochromatic or whether to mix it up by choosing different color desks for the office. Even file cabinets and storage units can be found in practically any hue imaginable.

Executive office furniture can be a bit more luxurious. Wood and glass works beautifully together in office furniture and gives a polished look. Storage units and hutches in dark wood and frosted glass look high end and convey a feeling of wealth. Add an antique piece and artwork to personalize the space.

A front reception area or anywhere that is specifically for clients or customers should be furnished as comfortably as possible. Overstuffed chairs and a bookshelf full of topical magazines work well in a waiting room or other reception area. Don’t forget that often the front reception area is the first impression your company will present.

If you have very little money for office furniture there are many opportunities to purchase used furniture. Often hotels will sell furniture when they refurbish their rooms. Many times the furniture is in good condition but if your company is a creative one it would be appropriate to sand and paint the furniture. Also many sites online are good resources for inexpensive or sometimes even free used furniture.

Whenever purchasing office furniture bear in mind that individual work desks and chairs should accommodate each employee by being the correct height. An ergonomic evaluation might be a good idea to assure that the desk, chair and work area is comfortable and work together efficiently. This is important not only to the employee who will spend many hours working at the desk, but to the business owner who wants to assure there are no injuries at work.

No matter your business and budget there are options to furnish an office that reflects your company and your style.