Office Security

A secure office not only protects your company, it also gives your employees an important feeling of reassurance. Your employees cannot be productive if they feel they don’t feel secure.

Your company's tangible and intangible assets are extremely important to doing business now and in the future. That is why investing in effective security measures is one of the most important investments your company will ever make.

Scanning Your Grounds

The best way to protect your business is to be able to see the surrounding area. A series of surveillance cameras can monitor your parking lot and the rest of your grounds night and day. You can talk to a professional surveillance company about having Internet-enabled cameras installed, which would allow you to monitor the grounds outside your office no matter where you are.

Security Locks

If undesirable people cannot get into your building, then they cannot do any damage to your company property or steal your data. That is why it is advisable to have electronic security locks installed on all of your doors that can be operated by a card, or by punching in a special code. All visitors should have to be cleared by the receptionist and no one from outside the company should be allowed to walk the halls of the company unaccompanied.


Have you ever wondered why car and home alarms are so loud, even when some of those alarms automatically alert the police that there is a problem? A loud and sudden noise will make almost any criminal lose his nerve. That is why your company should consider installing audible alarms that also alert the authorities that there is a problem.

Even with cameras and electronic locks, an alarm system is essential to protect your office.

Asset Tagging

No one should be able to leave your office with a piece of equipment without first checking it out with your security team. Asset tagging is the process of putting numerical identification numbers on computers, copiers, external hard drives, and other kinds of company equipment.

Some companies also have chips in their asset tags that can set off alarms when someone tries to leave with a piece of equipment without reporting it. This is an effective way to keep track of your company's important equipment.

Data Security Services

In this day and age it is essential to protect your computer data. Hackers can break into your servers and make off with your company and customer data.

A data security company will put in place the proper firewalls and put systems in place that will keep your company's data safe from hackers. If your company has an open port on the Internet, then you may need to employ an expert organization to protect your data.

Email Policies

Do you have strong email policies that prevent spyware from getting into your computer network and stealing company information? Having policies in place such as not allowing company email users to open attachments in emails from people they do not know could help to salvage your company's data.

Computer hackers could send what look like official emails to your employees and ask that attachments be opened, which could include viruses. Once these viruses get into your network, they can be difficult to remove. Strict email policies will help to prevent these kinds of viruses from getting into your network.

Uploading And Downloading Files

Your company should never allow anyone to download company files to removable media without written authorization first. This will prevent a disgruntled employee or company visitor from being able to download files legally. There are software programs you can use to track who downloads files from your servers, which you can use to police your network.

You need a strict policy regarding the kinds of files that employees can download to an office computer from the Internet. A downloadable file could have a virus in it that will cripple your network and leave your data exposed.

The security of your office is serious consideration and is something that is worthwhile to invest in. It is advisable to seek advice from security professionals to ensure that your office data and your employees are safe.